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IDVA Service

The IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors) service offers 12 weeks of emotional and practical support, from a trained specialist.  The service is accessible by survivors of Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse living in the West Midlands.


The IDVA service will provide the following support:

  • Access to multilingual staff who can speak Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and have access to language line when required. Have strong knowledge of issues faced by South Asian communities

  • Assess the client’s needs and risk level

  • Discuss options and deliver a range of interventions as well as develop safety plans, and support and support you through the civil or criminal courts

  • Advocacy and support to visit solicitors, housing, benefits agency, social care or other meetings
    as required

  • Support to prosecute your abuser

  • Obtain civil orders

  • Referrals to appropriate agencies

  • Access to Refuge accommodation

  • Ensure your views are heard by other agencies and organisations


An IDVA will work with you until your risk level has gone down and your situation is no longer discussed at the MARAC. The maximum time limit for IDVA support is 12 weeks.  If further support is required after 12 weeks, you will be referred to our Outreach service.

If you need to make contact with the IDVA Service, please call our 24 hour Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse Helpline on 0800 953 9777 or email us on

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